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The Alfa Legion in their natural habitat, as they contemplate being the laughing-stock of the galaxy.

"Do you guys have the feeling we're being shit on really hard right now?"

"Aww, we're always being shat on..."[1]

This article is on the fan group created by Alfabusa. For the canonical faction, see Alpha Legion.

The Alfa Legion was a group of Warhammer 40,000 fans who originally played Dawn of War games together on Steam. Under the leadership of Alfabusa, many members became contributors for If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device. Such cast members included ThunderPsyker, Fresh, Earndil, Dr. White, Eliphas the Inheritor, Failsnake, Nostalgia, Kiwi, Sierra etc. At one point they created an unfinished game called "Tales of the Alfa Legion" featuring the cast's personal characters; some of the songs produced by Glowtide and Alisaihin are used in TTS.

Alfabusa has stated that he is no longer a member of this group, though he continues to work with his friends that contributed to the show.

TTS Canon[]

The Alfa Legion is mentioned in reference to the Emperor's quip about chapters "so reclusive and historically inept that their mere existence sounds like something out of a disgusting horrible and shitty fan fiction."[1] Letters from the cast members during Q&A episodes are also addressed from Swedesia, the Alfa Legion's home planet.[2]

The Alfa Legion was officially destroyed when Magnus tricked the legion by kidnapping their Spiritual Lieges, the Blood Ravens captains Diomedes and Boreale. Magnus murdered chapter master Alfabusa, then offered to kill the remaining Legionnaires; the rest agreed eagerly, except for Mako, who ran away. Magnus kept their souls in a box for future use.[3] The only other survivor was Karl, who has a legion of cultist fanboys wanting to suck on his foot fungus.[4]