"Did this 'prophecy' give you a reason to rattle off on some well-deserved vay-cay? I mean, I get it. If you wanted a few escorts to spice things up, you should have just told me."[1]
Asdrubael Vect is the leader of the Dark Eldar Kabal of the Black Heart, and through various schemes and political maneuvers, is the ruler of the city of Commoragh.

Official Canon Edit

Vect is one of the oldest living Eldar, and one of the few that have lived since before the Fall of the Eldar. Vect has been able to maintain his power through manipulation and scheming, oftentimes using convoluted plans to have his rivals killed off. For example, he once gifted a rival Archon a box that secretly contained a black hole, killing him as soon as he opened the box. Another time, he killed the other survivors of the Fall by allowing three space marine chapters to invade the city after he stole a Salamanders cruiser and had the other Archons fight over it. One time he kidnapped a human simply to have tea and to retell the story of the Fall, allowing the human to live (but not without telling him he put laxatives in the tea before the human's next torture session).

The only time his power has been threatened was in the Gathering Storm, when a Daemon invasion of the city caused massive political chaos and had even his allies question his fitness to rule. Many of them left to join the Ynnari after his many failed attempts to assassinate Yvraine. He ended up dying, but came back and killed every non-loyal archon who came to his funeral making his rule almost completely unchallenged.

TTS Canon Edit

Vect was contacted by Eldrad Ulthran while in the middle of a party, which Vect used as an excuse to leave the party while the other attendees slowly died of gas poisoning (per Vect’s plans). Eldrad tried to warn Vect that the End Times were coming, and asked Vect to do him a favor by distract the Imperium with a raid while he performed a ritual that would summon Ynnead into existence. Vect refused to take Eldrad’s warnings seriously, saying that he wasn’t going to waste his time when the Eldar have always been peril and that he wasn’t going to listen to any more superstitious nonsense. After the call ended, a servant came to tell him that the Gate of Khaine had broken open.[1] Anticipating this, he sent a large army to intercept the Inquisition and force them to negotiate.

References Edit

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