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Albia Thorne is a Canoness of the Sisters of Battle.

TTS Canon[]

Albia Thorne led the Sororitas’ forces during the battle at Khaine’s Gate against the many Daemonettes that were sent after them. Thorne ordered her sister’s not to fire on the Daemonettes being blocked by the Taurox as “THE RISK IS TOO GREAT,” despite the Taurox acting as a meatshield anyway. When the Daemonettes ended up overwhelming them anyway, Thorne was one of the only survivors of the Sororitas contingent when Inquisitor Donklas dragged her away.[1]

Thorne followed the rest of the Inquisitors into Commorragh, where she acted as a spotter for the group before being held up at gunpoint by the Dark Eldar.[2]


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