"It's a rainy night. A shitty night. A bottle of Amasec would be the perfect cure right now. But I need to think clear. I took a sip from my bottle of iron-tasting water and I pondered on this most curious case."[1]
Detective Bruce Norring is an agent working for the Adeptus Arbites, sent to investigate suspicious activity on Hive World Purgatory. The character was originally created for Karl the Deranged's short called The Sulviken Horror.

TTS Canon Edit

With most of the Inquisition exiled into the Warp, Bruce is given the assignment of investigating possible heretical activity on Purgatory. His investigation leads him to suspect that a local cult is responsible for the kidnapping of the Hive's mayor, but before he can proceed further, he is accosted by a man claiming to represent the new mayor. He knows that he may be walking into a trap, but he sneaks into the mayor's residence and discovers a Genestealer Cult in the building's basement.[1]

With the proof he needed to push the Arbites into action, he tried to escape, but was captured by the Cultists. As he was knocked out, he was granted a horrifying vision of the Tyranid Hivemind. The Genestealer Magus claimed that this was proof that he was a psyker, and this would be an ideal genehost for spreading their infection across the Imperium. Before they could infect him, though, Bruce inadvertently summoned Inquisitor Adrielle Quist, who swiftly eliminated the Genestealers before returning to the Immaterium. Confused and afraid, Bruce simply broke down into hysteria and began laughing, which soon devolved into empty sobs.[1]

References Edit

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