"Hey Fyodor, I think we're in the Warp. Make sure you clench your butthole so no heresy gets in!"[1]
Dominique is a lexmechanic attached to Fyodor Karamazov's throne of judgement.

TTS Canon Edit

Dominique spends most of his time acting like a loon, making a mockery of whatever situation he and Fyodor find themselves in. He'll also try to take credit for whatever Karamazov says. Karamazov, annoyed by his antics, will frequently tell him to be quiet. He is addicted to sandpaper cigarettes, which he claims is what gives him his "sexy" voice.[2]

Dominique eventually perished in the warp from daemon-alcohol overdose.[3] However, his spirit returned for one final appearance as he guided the Star Child and Saint Celestine to Karamazov, who later thanked him for preparing Karamazov to serve as the Star Child’s vessel. Dominique bade Karamazov a happy new year before disappearing. After Karamazov's transformation into the Star-Fyodperor, Dominique's rotting corpse was interred into a shiny new coffin beside him.[4]

Quotes Edit

  • "Hey Fyodor, look. it's that giant walking banana that tells me to burn houses down and kill things!"[5]
  • "Wow, this man is so deep I could drown in him."[1]
  • "Hey Fyodor, you should just preach them to death."[6]
  • "I'm sexually confused, Fyodor! Kill them all, Kill them all! Quick, Left Shoulder Man, shoot them while they're still sexy!"[5]
  • "Hey Fyodor, we're surrounded again! And this time by loads of half-naked men! It's like a ruddy ocean of bare nipples and bulging muscles. It's making me moist."[5]
  • "Hey! Hey Fyodor! Have a happy new year, pal..."[4]

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