Regal Tailord Lorad Gatlington

Regal Tailord Lorad Gatlington

Felinids are a minor race of abhumans in Warhammer 40k.

Official Canon Edit

Felinids are a race of abhumans from the planet of Carlos McConnell. This is the full extent of canon information about them.

TTS Canon Edit

In TTS, a group of Guardsmen make contact with the planet, with several of them excited to "see some catlady action," believing the Felinids to be a race of catgirls. When the Felinids' diplomat arrives, the guardsmen look on in horror, as it is a housecat with a human head and speaking in creepy, halting voice similar to that of a cat attempting to speak human language.[1]

The Emperor decreed to have Felinids be among the mutant "transfer brothers" sent to the Black Templars to temper them. Helbrecht was not enthusiastic about having "cat-people" among his ranks.[2]

References Edit

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