Vulkan He'Stan is the Forgefather of the Salamanders.

Official Canon Edit

As forgefather, He'Stan's duty is to recover the artifacts of Vulkan. He wears three of them into battle: The Gauntlet of the Forge, Kesare's Mantle, and the Spear of Vulkan.

TTS Canon Edit

When the Ultramarines sneak onto Nocturne to deliver the artifacts of Vulkan, He'Stan mistakenly believes that he had found them in his sleep. Upon awakening, and with Vulkan's return, he declares himself best forgefather.[1]

He'Stan is very excitable, sometimes even screaming in a high-pitched squeal when panicking.[2]

Personality Edit

Within TTS He'Stan demonstrates a tendency to be loud and very excitable and if not being a tad more aggressive and assertive than his fellow Salamanders (which is not by much), namely when he interrupted the Primarchs to remind them "Terra is in jeopardy." He often speaks loudly, proudly proclaiming he is the best forge father, and indeed often elongating his words to make a point. Like all the Salamanders he was bought to tears at his Primarchs death wailing "Vulkan is dead! And so are weeeee!"

He greatly enjoys forging and smithing, once getting so caught up in the joys of creating artisinal death masks of his Primarch, that he forgot that his Primarch was in the same room as him, dying.

Quotes Edit

  • "Vulkan is dead! AGAIN!"[2]

References Edit

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