Hive World Purgatory is a planet invented by Alfabusa that appears a few times in If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device. The setting was originally created for Alfa's Upper Hive games, where players participated in a Genestealer-themed version of Werewolf. The planet and several of the character were reused in the background of several episodes, but took center stage for the Halloween episode The Shadow Over Immateriums.

The planet is very typical for an Imperial Hive World, being heavily polluted and full of paranoid and delusional citizens. The citizens of this planet seem to be particularly eccentric, as Detective Bruce Norring easily stood out from the various bystanders wearing blue Space Marine helmets and sporting strange hairstyles. The planet has fallen victim to both a Crotch Rot epidemic and a genestealer invasion, one that nearly wipes out the planet as the genestealer cult succeeded in taking over one of its hives. With the cult destroyed, the planet appears to have returned to normal... as far as the locals are concerned.

The citizens of the planet are based on the avatars of the original players who participated in the Upper Hive games, using their old Alfa Legion avatar heads affixed to the bodies of various Imperial nobles and peasants. According to the lore of the games, the planet's night cycle is actually an eclipse caused by a massive Ratling passing by in the night sky, and deceased players are sent into the sun by a magic space elevator (whom Karl the Deranged fused with).