"And on this, the eve of my FORTY-THOUSANDTH straight Exterminatus, I am happy to announce at long last... My retirement."
Inquisitor Headsmash is an Inquisitor who, as his name suggests, smashes his face into giant Exterminatus buttons.

TTS Canon Edit

Like all Inquisitors, he is extremely trigger-happy when it comes to delivering Exterminatus. He uses a giant red button, which he hits by throwing his whole face into repeatedly. He's destroyed two worlds so far; one where Slaaneshi porn was discovered upon,[1] and another where Hobo Guardsman said that he was joining Chaos.[2] How he's able to hear casual conversations from up in orbit is unknown.

Headsmash announced his retirement following his 40,000th Exterminatus, but he and his ship were brought to Commorragh when Kaldor Draigo swallowed up the nearby star that he and the rest of the inquisition had been teleported to. Headsmash was delighted to be joining the Fyodperor. However, he also voiced concern that complying with the Dark Eldar’s demands was a really bad idea, even under Fyodor’s charismatic aura.[3]

References Edit

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