More fun than a barrel full of techno-monkeys!

Jokaero are an obscure race of cybernetic primates created by the Old Ones long ago. Much like the Orks, they have an inherent understanding of technology, the difference being that they are capable of creating technology that is far more sophisticated. Despite this, it's not clear that they are actually fully sapient.

Jokaero are extremely hard to get a hold of; in part because they are so rare, but also because their technology makes it extremely difficult to keep one in any one place. Nonetheless, some Inquisitors have found success in keeping a Jokaero in their retinue as a powerful ally.

In TTS, Jokaero are referred to as "techno-monkeys" and appear in multiple places.[1] Torquemada Coteaz has an army of Jokaero that he deploys from wooden barrels, which he used during the siege of the Imperial Palace.[2] A Jokaero cardinal was spotted in the Ecclesiarchal palace, as well.[3] Another Jokaero is seen in the retinue of Inquisitor Headsmash.[4]


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