Kadus is a Raven Guard Space Marine.

Official Canon Edit

Kadus is one of the most esteemed Space Marines in the Raven Guard Chapter and is one of Chapter Master Kayvaan Shrike's closest personal friends, having served together with Shrike and his other friend, Corus, since their time as initiates.[1]

TTS Canon Edit

Kadus answered Corvus Corax's call for support on his and Vulkan's mission to Terra. Kadus and Shrike shared a joyful reunion with their gene-father and uncle before receiving a request for aid from the Catachan Jungle Fighters. Kadus and the other Raven Guard aided in the defeat of the Slaaneshi demons before heading to Catachan to rally more troops for the crusade to Terra. While there, he is surprised at the Jungle Fighter's fortitude and wonders why they aren't recruited to be astartes.[2]

After Clancy crashes their ship on Attila, Kadus is the one responsible for keeping the traitor prisoner as they make their way across the planet. Unfortunately, Vulkan's grand sacrifice (hugging the exterminatus weapon) distracted Kadus enough that Clancy escaped, much to the anger of everyone present.[3]

Personality Edit

Compared to his very emotional Chapter Master, Kadus is more soft-spoken and calm. While capable of emotion, such he thought he was going to lose his father, he tends to be more inquisitive and analytical than Shrike. He also has a habit of adding a small moan to his sentences ("Oooh~"), which is likely meant to sound like a bird.

References Edit

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