"Greeterlings. That is a good-looking beard you have there sir! I too have a beard. It is full of tiny men. Please... KILL THEM ALL!!"[1]
Kaldor Draigo is the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights.

Official Canon Edit

Even as a lowly battle-brother, Draigo's career is filled with incredible accomplishments, from killing a daemon on his first mission to carving the name of the previous Supreme Grand Master on the heart of Mortarion. However, one of the daemons he banished, M'kar, cursed Draigo to always wander in the warp. Now he can only enter real space when his Grey Knights are fighting daemons.

TTS Canon Edit

Draigo has been trapped in the warp for so long that he has lost most of his sanity, which was alluded to early on in a letter to the Emperor[2]. However, he has also been able to adapt by bending reality around himself, such that he can create his own throne of judgement after Karamazov's,[1] or become a sun.[3] Draigo has been pranking daemons alongside Leman Russ, when they were both discovered by the now-exiled Inquisition.[4]

Draigo was momentarily summoned into realspace by Kitten to assist in subduing Magnus the Red during his tantrum over the Space Wolves. Draigo was able to knock him out and revert him back to normal before Kitten could even finish his sentence, before returning into the Warp.[5] He also appeared briefly during the Slaaneshmas Special as a guest.[6]

To summon Kaldor Draigo, one needs a pot full of Sororitas blood and a dreadknight, and they have to chant the following words backwards:[5]


During the battle of Khaine’s Gate, Draigo tried and failed twice to charge at the enemy, tripping over himself repeatedly. It would appear that he has become so chaotic that the daemons he fought against didn’t recognize him as an enemy, even though he stabbed the Masque of Slaanesh.[7]

Draigo was even able to save the Inquisition party from one of the Dark Eldar's traps by consuming a sun. Draigo's raw power was enough for the The Deceiver to insist that Draigo must not be allowed to re-enter the material plan.[8]

Trivia Edit

  • When asked where Draigo got his reality-defying powers from, the cast simply replied that he's “overpowered.” In the same Q&A, it was stated that making Draigo a deranged maniac seemed like the most natural conclusion to the insanity of his feats.

Quotes Edit

  • "Ordo Draigo present. We will provide the Hams!"[3]
  • "We shall send them into the SUPER-WARP!"[9]
  • "That is a lie! Hands do not exist in my reality."[4]
  • "I have come to vanquish all daemons and low-quality razors in this realm!"[5]
  • "A wizard NEVER reveals his secrets!"[5]
  • "I must go. My planet needs meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"[5]
  • "Have you ever eaten a tangerine? Would you like to try one?" [7]
  • You leave that cow alone!

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