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Remleiz is a voice actor for If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device. His character, the tech-priest Cyberdong, is based on his own avatar that he uses on his YouTube channel 40K Theories.

He works on the channel alongside Naerina which also features the Quest for Knowledge web series which also takes place within the TTS universe, albeit with a more serious tone.

He also is a regular on the podcast, Adeptus Podcastus which he hosts alongside Tactica Imperialis and various other youtubers he invites.

Remleiz also appeared in an April Fool's video of 40K Theories being berated by the Emperor after asking if the Emperor could be remade out of cyberdongs, as well as a theory video hypothesising the true identity of Kitten, and that Billy grew up to be Kaldor Draigo. He first appeared as a voice actor in the Grey Knights discover the Wulfen short as Grey Knight number one.