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"Enlighten me, Jackal God."[1]
Tahril is an Archon of the Dark Eldar.

Official Canon Edit

Tahril appears in the Dawn of War games as the leader of the Dark Eldar faction. He is depicted as belonging to the Kabal of the Black Heart, Asdrubael Vect’s faction.

TTS Canon Edit

Tahril is instead shown as serving Lady Malys of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue. He tells her of the Inquisition’s arrival into Commorragh. Despite his pleasantries to his master, under his breath he says that she’s easily replaceable. Alone, he contacts The Deceiver to tell him that he informed Malys. The Deceiver proceeds to rant at him, confusing Tahril immensely, until the Deceiver tells him that he will need Malys’ forces to prevent Kaldor Draigo from returning to realspace.[1]

References Edit

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