"Where are the toasters you promised us?"[1]
Techpriest Toastus is a member of the Adeptus Mechanicus assigned to maintain the Emperor’s Golden Throne.

TTS Canon Edit

Toastus has been present in the Emperor's throne room for at least 500 years.[2] It can be assumed that he's part of the staff that helps maintain the Golden Throne.

Toastus installed the Text-to-Speech device onto the Golden Throne for Kitten, in exchange for toasters as payment. However, Toastus never received his toasters, and continues to harass the other characters for payment.[1]

Toastus sometimes finds random items, such as lead pipes and liquid nitrogen, and throws them onto the Emperor as “offerings to the Omnissiah,” causing the Emperor significant pain.[2]

Toastus accompanied Shield-Host Proteus to Mars, hoping to finally find the toasters he was looking for.[3]

Quotes Edit

  • "I found a PIPE!!!"[2]
  • "mrräöögghggg sexy bloated containerggh"[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Toastus went unnamed until episode 28, despite being present as far back as episode 1.

References Edit

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