"Include a quote from the series that helps define the character. A good one-liner will do. Avoid long quotes unless the article will be short anyways."

Character name is...

This first section is called a lead. You'll want to fill it with the most important aspects of the character's life.

Official Canon

Use this section to briefly describe the character in official Warhammer 40,000 lore. Unless it's a major character, a paragraph or two will do. Skip this section if the character is original to TTS.

TTS Canon

Describe this character and what they do in the series. A basic synopsis of their part in the story will do.


This is an optional section reserved for character that have had lengthy exposure during the series. You can include details here that do not fit so easily in the TTS Canon plot summary.


This is an optional section for characters that have had a lot of funny lines. Again, avoid long quotes unless they are important. See for examples The Emperor's monologue at the beginning of Episode 12.5, or Leman Russ' version of the Navy Seal Copypasta.

  • "Quote goes here"


Include pictures here if the character has had multiple different appearances.


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