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If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device Wiki

The Terrified Guardsman is a very timid person who shows up in random places and flees from anything terrifying. His appearance is that of a generic Imperial Guardsman outfitted in armor similar to Cadian forces.. He appears in a number of odd places some of which are vast distances from each other and even places where a guardsman would normally not be seen.

Known Sightings [and things scaring him][]

  • In the Black Cells of the Imperial Palace [Scared by a mechadrendrite mass containing a Billy Bass]
  • In the Webway with the Ultramarines [Scared by Calgar's jumping]
  • In The Warp with the Bearded Triumvirate [scared by Fyodor]
  • With Belisarius Cawl when he unveiled his troopers [Scared by said troopers]
  • In the Throne Room while they were playing Fantasy Roleplay [scared by Magnus' response to hearing The Provost Marshal's remark on reading the rules]
  • With Magnus and Kitten when they were playing with a Ouija board [scared by planchette's motion]
  • On Craftworld Ulthwe [Scared by a statue]
  • In Stellaris, charging Boy [Scared whilst doing so, possibly emulating Ollanius Pius]