Trazyn the Infinite is a Necron Overlord, infamous for collecting rare artifacts and meddling in galactic affairs.

Official Canon Edit

Trazyn has taken it upon himself to preserve the most exotic and valueable artifacts in the galaxy, including famous people. He posseses the head of Sebastian Thor, the husk of an Enslaver, etc. He has many doppelgangers protecting him as he travels around the galaxy, adding to his collection. He is also known to taunt his enemies, and even aided Imperial forces during the Battle of Cadia by releasing an Inquisitor from his collection, though he has made it clear that he wanted to add Roboute Guilliman to his collection as compensation.

TTS Canon Edit

The Emperor refers to Trazyn as "Trashy the Incontinent," and puts in a request for someone to steal from his collection as a prank.[1]

References Edit

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