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"What hast thou done to our precious lord lavanugget, you ruffians!?"[1]

Tu'Shan is the Chapter Master of the Salamanders.

Official Canon[]

Tu'Shan participated in the Second War of Armageddon, where he nearly came to blows with the Marines Malevolent, who had attacked several civilians and his own men when Orks attacked a refugee camp. During the Third War of Armageddon, Tu'Shan met again with the Marines Malevolent and publicly beat down their representative after the latter attempted to blackmail him, much to the satisfaction of the people of Armageddon.

TTS Canon[]

Tu'Shan witnessed Magnus accidentally killing Vulkan, and swears to chase after them when he and Kitten escape. This proves to be unnecessary, however, as Vulkan got back up and declared that he and Corvus Corax would go on an adventure together to Terra. Tu'Shan relished in the opportunity to go on an adventure.[1]

Tu'Shan shares his father's enthusiasm for friendship and adventure, and speaks in an archaic dialect.[1]


  • "Forsooth, what in yon FUCK happened?!"[3]


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