I know many of you are sad with Dominique's departure from the show. However, I do think I've found a way to bring him back, as I was inspired by an offhandedly quip of how Alfabusa planned on killing of major characters should their VA leave the crew.

Scene: The Warp

(karamazov is still quite drunk)

Karamazov: Ugh... it feels like I'm never getting out of here, especially with this rancid corpse I can't seem to get rid of.

(Dominique starts stirring)

Dominique: uuhhh...

Karamazov: SssssssssSHIT it's a plague zombie!

(Dominique yanks mug off of head, looks completely different)

Dominique: That was the best kegger I've been to in weeks! ...wait... why is my voice higher pitched? And I've got hair again... and boobs. hey Fyodor, did you get me plastic surgery while I was out?

Karamazov: No, this can't be! You were dead! This is the work of Chaos!! BEGONE, DAEMONSPAWN!

Dominique: Geez Louise, Fyodor, you must've drank more than I did! I was only passed out!

Fyodor: But your body was decaying! I could smell you from three leagues away!

Dominique: Yeah, because you threw up all over me after your third mug! You are so gonna owe me for dry cleaning, this is my only filthy smock, after all!

Fyodor: I... don't remember throwing up... or much else for that matter... Wait! You weren't a girl before we entered the Warp! That's definitely Heresy! Mutant scum!

Dominique: Honestly, I'm insulted, it's like you don't even know me! How do you know I wasn't a girl before? I have a girl's name, for Emperor's sake!

Fyodor: But... but... ugh... I'm too hung over to deal with this shit. Just... just be quiet Dominique. I have a splitting headache.

Dominique: Oh fine. But before we go, I need to use the Little Girl's room. It's like I haven't emptied my bladder in months!

Fyodor: Sure, go ahead...

(Dominique gets out to find a bathroom)

Leman Russ: Ah, there Ye are. We gotta get going! I see you got rid of your stinking friend too, that corpse was starting to turn ripe.

Fyodor: Uh, yeah. That's what I was doing... right?

Leman Russ: Very well. First stop: the Gate of Khaine; next, the Imperial Palace!


(Fyodor and entourage disappear as Dominique returns)

Dominique: Fyodor? Hey Fyodor? Ah shit, this is just like Ultraland all over again.

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