Alfabusa said on twitter that he doesn't know how to write the Tau into TTS. Well, I gave it some thought, and I remembered that there's a little known fact that one of the Tau's member races is a race of brainworms called the Nagi . So I decided to run with that idea.

Scene: Tau Capital

(Aun’O is giving a rousing speech to the Tau)


Artist's interpretation of a meeting between high-level Tau officials

Aun’O: And so, my brothers, we serve the Greater Good, and by our efforts, we shall save the galaxy from the hate and ignorance of the Gue’la. Go, and fight for the Tau!

Tau: *raises hand*

Aun’O: Yes, brother Shas’O Fap?

Tau: Can we have mating season when this is over?

Aun’O: *sighs* Yes, you can have mating season.

Tau: *starts cheering, interrupted*

Gue’vesa: Wait, does this mean we can have our balls back?

Aun’O: …..Yes.


(Fire warriors continue cheering as they leave the room)

(Aun’O exits in the opposite direction into another room, poorly lit)

Aun'O: *kneeling* What is thy bidding, my Master?

(Giant throne rotates, revealing an earthworm wearing a hooded black robe)

([Emperor's Throne Room] starts playing, with choir of worms in background)

Wormpitine: Welcome, young Aun’O. I have been expecting you. Give me a full report.

Aun’O: Master, it is done. The Damocles Gulf will be retaken in a matter of time.

Wormpitine: Gooooooooood…. Now that the Imperium is distracted, we can finally proceed with the first step of our master plan. The pitiful Gue’la will rue the day that they crossed the Nagi.

Aun'O: What of the rebel Farsight? There are rumors that the Imperium has entered negotations with him for an alliance.

Wormpitine: This insubordination shall not go unpunished. You know what you must do.

Aun’O: ...Shall I… send the Fish of Fury?

Wormpitine: DO IT.

(Wormpitine cackles maniacally)

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