If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device Wiki
If The Emperor Had a Text-To-Speech Device Wiki

Typical Warpchat session

The Warpchat is a warp-based instant message client for Spessbook that the deities of the Warp use to converse with each other. The scenes were written by Dr. White and were originally intended for a spinoff series.

Rooms available on the Warpchat include:

  • 3Y3-OF-T3RR3R@~WARPCHAT - The one seen used most frequently
  • CREEEEEEEEED@~SanctPsykerNet
  • ParadoxPoker@~WARPCHAT

The following characters with their screen names are:

Gork Gorkz is Bestest
Isha IshaMe
Khaine Citizen Khaine
Malal MaliceInWonderland
Mork Morkz is Strongest
Nurgle Grandpapa Nurgz
Slaanesh 420BlazeMy3601337Vagick
Tyranid Hivemind ICANHASGALAXY?
Tzeentch MasterOfPlans