Wilford is an Ultramarines Apothecary of the Deathwatch, who is currently a part of Fyodor Karamazov's Inquisitorial forces.

As an Apothecary, Wilford is constantly concerned about the health of his comrades, insisting they take their vitamins, apply lotions regularly, and don't make any wrong move that'd give them tendenitus. He is far more restrained than his friend Calato when it comes to bloodlust.


Wilford was part of Inquisitor Kryptman's Kill Team that was present for the discovery of the Tyranids. Wilford constantly complained about his squad-mates' lack of hygiene,[1] as well as his fellow Ultramarine brothers when they refused to assist in wiping out Behemoth when it left Ultramar.[2]

During Hive Fleet Behemoth's attack on Victoria Primus, he survived the "excursion" inside the Tyranid ship, then went on the surface to face the Swarm Lord. In both fights he ended up psychically blasted to the ground. When the Ultramarines finally arrived to save the day, again, he tried to greet Marneus Calgar but the the Chapter Master called him a quitter and left him to play with his Deathwatch pals.

TTS Canon

Wilford, alongside Calato, were part of the Inquisitorial forces that Magnus the Red had exiled into the Warp, but did not have a speaking role until Episode 26.[3]

Wilford was present at the battle at Khaine's Gate, fighting alongside the rest of his Kill Team against the forces of Chaos. Wilford himself managed to kill one of Epidemius' Plaguebearers (with a single bolt-pistol round), unfortunately this only served to enrage the daemons, who proceeded to swiftly massacre the Deathwatch marines. During the melee Wilford managed to retreat whilst dragging away a vengeful Calato. After the battle at Khaine's Gate, Wilford was one of the only surviving members of the Deathwatch forces in Karamazov's army, the other being Calato.

Wilford entered Commoragh along with the rest of the Inquisition, spending most of his time standing guard with Calato by the now-revealed Kryptman.


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